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The calligraphic works can be perceived in two ways: their graphic appearence, and, by getting closer, one discovers their respective contents as thoughts, philosophy, or surrealiste poetry.

On the first view the text assumes an abstract quality, executed in italics handwriting or a sequence of capital letters, that form to words and words slip into phrases.

M.A.`s written drawings come to life in their melding of formal and poetic, philosophical or documentary concerns.

Silk Work

By the transparency of silk layers, their colours and structures are brought into an interplay which engages with the viewer's perspective. As a result, our view is lead into a deeper perspective, a third dimension that changes on the different points of view. «Understanding the difference of perception, it fascinates me and it is at the heart of my work»


The silk collages result in a colourful and dynamic, or others in harmonious tone on tone compositions, where each element appears to be able to move independently.

The dynamic configuration of these works evoke the constantly shifting light and form, and the sensation of turning movements. I feel a great affinity with the peace that lies in their colours and movements.


The transition from fabric to paper is fluid, a themed play of lines, of shadows and light, gives a new meening to the employed material. Natural papers get their life through the melody of colours and the rythme of folds, stimulating the spectators imaginations and emotions.

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