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"The more you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and ironically, the more real. "

Lucian Freud

Mechthild Ackermann,

Mechthild Ackermann is a contemporary artist known for her silk works by their layered transparency and her subtle formal compositions on pleated circles, as well as for her calligraphic work. Committed to re-interpreting aspects of movements and different points of view, Mechthild employs a process-based organization of her thoughts and philosophical questions in each of her artworks. 


She studied art history and theater science in Munich before continuing her education in costume creation at the National Opera of Munich. Completing her skills in Haute Couture she subsequently worked for several fashion brands such as Hermès Paris and Bogner Munich. 

Today, Mechthild Ackermann’s work draws on a range of different materials and formal references and her practice encompasses experiences from creating costumes, fashion design, painting, drawing and calligraphy.


I believe in the the importance of the creative process while having nature as reference.  

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